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Registration Help

  • If you need help registering, please see our registration tutorial video.
  • You can fill out our "Ask a Question!" form on this page.
  • If you're still having issues, please call the library at (979) 209-5600 or (979) 764-3416 and one of our librarians will be able to help you get signed up. 

Book Reviews Not Showing Up

If you've submitted a book review, it won't show up immediately on the website. Our librarians have to approve these reviews to make sure that they don't contain content that doesn't meet our standards for decency (i.e. profanity, hate speech, etc.)  But don't worry. Your review will show up once our librarians have approved it.

How the Summer Reading Program Works / Which Program is for Me?

When you register online for Summer Reading, you are signing up to read for 30 total days. And you can read anything! As you “level up” through the 30 days, you’ll earn badges, bragging rights, and the chance to earn prizes (like gift cards!). You will also be able to write book reviews for the books you love and want others to read.

The Process

  1. The Summer Reading Program is a 30 day program for each individual reader, beginning on the day you sign up.
  2. Please enter 1 day for each day of reading after signing up. These can be typed in every day or as a group.
  3. You can enter a book title at the same time, whether you have completed it or not, or you can leave the title blank
  4. Optional: You can enter a book review.

We have four program levels this year, and every reader will choose the level that best applies to them:

  • Early Literacy: ages 5 and under
  • Children: ages 6-12
  • Teen: ages 13-18
  • Adult: ages 18 and up

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